There are many interesting facts about one of the most popular monarchs of all time, Queen Victoria. She had an interesting and eventful life through her era, with many great events and breakthroughs taking place under her power. Here are some of the best facts about her!

– She was born on May 24th 1819.

– She was Queen from June 20th 1837 until her death on January 22nd 1901.

– Her reign has never been exceeded (63 years, 7 months and 2 days!).

– The era of her reign is known as the “Victorian Era” or “Victorian Period”.

– The people under her power were known as the “Victorians”.

– During her reign Britain became the most powerful and richest country with the largest empire.

– She was also the Empress of India.

– She married her first cousin.

– Her husband’s name was Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg.

– They had 9 children (5 daughters, 4 sons).

– She hated giving birth and twice took chloroform as an anaesthetic, which helped many Victorian women give birth without pain.

– She had the nickname “Grandmother of Europe” because her children moved all over Europe and married into noble families.

– She was the first monarch to reside in Buckingham Palace.

– Her husband died in 1861 at the early age of 42.

– She was shot at several times in attempted assassinations.

– She loved writing and wrote most of her adult life, many of her diaries were accidently destroyed.

– She detested cigarettes and had no smoking signs put up around her palace.

– She could speak many languages including Hindustani and Urdu.

– She appeared on the first stamp ever made, the “penny black”.

– There are many streets, squares, statues and buildings named after her all around the UK and indeed the world.

– The Victoria Cross is still regarded as the highest award for bravery, named after her during the Crimean War.