Some great facts about the Victorians covering many aspects of their life in England and indeed throughout the British Empire. The Victorian times were a fantastic place for some, but many of the poorer Victorians lived a hard life in poverty.

– The Victorian Era was from 1837-1901 when Queen Victoria was in power.

– Victorian Britain became the richest and most powerful country in the world.

– When Queen Victoria came into power only 20% of Victorians lived in towns and cities, rising to 75% by her death.

– The British population rose from 16 million to 37 million in the Victorian Era.

– The Industrial Revolution saw new inventions and a growing economy.

– Gothic Architecture was popular, copying many 13th century styles for Victorian buildings.

– Victorians loved to use Iron and Glass to make impressive buildings and structures.

– Early Victorians mainly relied on foot or horse to travel.

– Most Victorians had no running water in their homes.

– There were many homeless adults and children on the streets.

– Rich Victorians devoted a lot of time and effort in fashion.

– Rich people enjoyed great life with new found luxuries and inventions.

– Many working class girls became maids working from 6am-10pm.

– Some Victorians turned to crime to make a living.

– Victorian authorities often saw poverty as a result of laziness and drunkenness.

– Mining was one of the deadliest jobs for the Victorians.

– Even children as young as 5 in poorer families were made to work.

– Victorian Fathers were strict towards the children and even mother.

– Families without a father were often sent to workhouses with their mother.

– Children were often punished and beat by family, bosses and even strangers.

– The Victorian Era saw many inventors and entrepreneurs.

– In 1837 the Telegraph was invented, which was compared to us inventing the Internet.

– Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone and the first call took place in 1876.

– Victorians saw the invention of the light bulb start to light up homes and streets.

– Victorians saw the camera become more commonplace.

– The refrigerator was invented in 1900 to combat keeping food fresh.

– Railways and Steam trains took off with 35,000km of track being laid by 1900.

– Travel Agencies began to open in Victorian times due to better methods of travel.

– Victorians enjoyed trips to the seaside to escape the city.

– At the end of the Victorian Era petrol powered cars owned by the rich started to take to the roads.

– Victorian Doctors made surgery easier and less painful.

– Charles Dickens became the most famous storyteller of the Victorian Era.

– Victorians invented and took part in many popular sports.

– Wealthy Victorians looking for a cleaner, healthier life headed for Scotland.

– The Rich enjoyed many exotic foods from all corners of the British Empire.

– Ice cream was first seen and very popular in the later period of the Victorian times.

– Most Victorians would go to church most Sundays practicing Christianity.

– In 1859 Charles Darwin shook religious leaders by publishing “Origin of species”.

– There were many pickpockets throughout the big towns and cities.

– Victorians could end up in prison for not paying debts.

– In the second half of the 19th century most cities had a police force.

– Police started using science to catch criminals using fingerprints and blood samples.

– Jack the Ripper, a serial killer in the Victorian times was never caught.

– Most working class children had to work rather than learn.

– Punishments were common place at schools for disruptive and even less clever children.

– Some Victorians opened free schools for poor children.

– Victorians loved playing games to occupy themselves, some we still play today.

– Victorians had a passion for playing and listening to music.

– The Victorians loved Christmas and started many of the traditions we see today.

– Queen Victoria Died in 1901 after more than 60 years in power.